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Making wall posters into a digital one | To-Let

Half an year ago, I was told by my parents to print some posters of one of our flan which will be available for rent in that upcoming month. I did and then go to the streets to hung that up. I've seen many other posters as well in the wall labeled as "SUBLET" or "TO-LET".  The thing is, the wall became dirty for those posters but as I've nothing to do on that moment, I also posted some on those posters after being failure to find some black spaces to post my ones. But one thing came up in my mind that what will happen to those posters on which I've posted my ones? Will they be remain vacant?? What could be my temper when I will see someone hanging another advertisement for their to-let on my one in the next day?
It seems like a cold war to me. Almost like fighting for a small place to get your vacant house rented and so that you can have money. Yes, these posters are useful but how about making walls dirty? It's not your wall right? Just for these rea…