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The Ineluctable Future..!

Welcome to the thoughts and plans of my future. This is the third content of the writing which will end here with my future plans. Well, I hope that you have gone through the previous posts so I am going to make it short. I am Md. Aminul Islam read in North South University in 1st semester of BBA.

Well, I am having a good time in NSU but as this varsity has an open credit course so I want to move myself quickly from this institution and want to make an end of my educational life. I have a plan to take at least four courses from the next semester and will try my best to obtain good grades in that.

Secondly, after this course, I may have enough leisure time so I want myself to be hired in any telecom company for a part time job. And I want to do an English Speaking Language course from any reputed institution and besides that, I am willing to give a big part of my time in the outsourcing sector and the voluntary organizations.

Well, after completing this undergraduate program I want to do …

8 easy ways to gain speed in stenography?

Stenography is a method used for writing down the words that someone says very quickly by using a special type of writing (also known as "Shorthand")

A stenographer has to be very quick in writing and has to be able to cope up with the speaker for his writing.
I'll show you six ways to gain speed in stenography.

1. At first you have to speed up your handwriting. That's the very first thing you should do.
Because, stenography is nothing but writing as fast as you can, racing with the speakers voice.

So, the faster you write the better you become a stenographer.

2. Then, try to write in "keywords" instead of full lines. This 3-4 keywords will lead you to the full sentences.
You will make it full while you are travelling or stuck in  a jam or just before submitting the paper. But don't forget to take a look at the edited part. Because, editing is the last section of any type of writing.

3. Use symbols in writing keywords. Trust me, this is great to save you…