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Clearly, what you are going to read below is a story of the past for you of me by me. I am Md Md Aminul Islam a BBA student in North South University. I was born on 28th October 1996 in Dhaka. Though, my hometown is at Laxmipur. Well, I may call myself lucky to born at that time because maybe, we are the generation whose photos were taken and printed. But nowadays? All the pictures of little cute babies are taken by smartphones and it’ll be just there. All things are turning to be mechanical.

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Aminul Islam
Ok, whatever. It’s a matter of sorrow for me because I can’t remember the things what was done by me in the childhood. But I try to and my guardians told me a lot. I was very fond of milk and the fact is I can’t take it now. Especially for the smell. And, from the little of me I loved biscuits a lot and still, now I am very much fond of it. I used to say cookies at that time as my mother said so.
   My first school was PC Culture Housing School, which was situated in the area where I lived in. I started from class PG. I still remember that the teachers were very helpful towards me. I made new friends. Won prizes in the Sports Day, ah, that’s a long memory. I was a very good runner at that time I used to race against my friends in the Tiffin time. But I must admit that I was very bad at throwing balls towards my friends and I had lost so many tennis balls that I couldn’t count. In the afternoon, I used to go to the road next to us for playing “Cricket” or “Badminton” or “Satchara”. You can’t but understand how good I was at “Satchara”. One thing I cannot but say is that I participated several times in the annual sports and took a different look. Here you can see me as a “street Hawker”.

Then, after many exams in many schools, I was able to get myself admitted in “St. Joseph Higher Secondary School”; one of the best school in Bangladesh at Asad Avenue in Dhaka. I left my entire friends back, and started to make new friends at there. I was shifted from class III to class III in the new school. There were three sections and I was at section “3-Eagles”. The school was big with a basketball court and also a football and volleyball court. Oh yeas, of course, a cricket pitch did also exist. The big playground gave me the chance to enhance my running skills a lot. And the following year, I took part in the Sports and on the final day I was able to win two trophies in two 400 meters race.  And the thing has I obtained the second place in my house and was given away a trophy by our honorable principle in the next day in front of all the students of all classes in the assembly. When I came back, my friends were applauding and the perfect of our section also congratulated me. When my parents knew the news they also congratulated me. It was 2006 I must admit.
md aminul islam

 I passed the Secondary Higher Certificate exam from the school with a GPA of 4.88 from the Business Department. And got myself admitted into Dhaka City College, one of the leading colleges in the Dhaka city in Business Department.
   Here comes the new life with new friends. Few of my friends got themselves admitted here and the others went to different colleges. I met up with new people from different places. Our guide teacher was “Nurul Islam Dollar” sir. Such a hard working teacher for an institution is rarely found in present days. He was my favorite teacher who took the subject Management. I passed with the GPA of 5.00 from DHAKA CITY COLLEGE and failed to get a chance in the C unit of DHAKA UNIVERSITY, but obtained the 240th position in the D unit.
   But, my mother wished, that I would prepare myself in the BBA sector, so then I get myself admitted in NORTH SOUTH UNIVERSITY.
Well, what about you? Let me know and to know my present status please read the next post. See you then.


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