The topical time; on the way to elapse…!

Hello there. I think you have gone through my last post.
Well, North South University is a new place with new people. But its also great because many of my friends from the school as well as the colleges have joined here with me.
Well, NSU has the open credit system and I have taken two courses including Eng 102 & Math112. Our teachers are friendly and they helped to get acquainted with our new educational institution. I have three classes in a week and they are going in full swing.
Well, this is the Digital Age and you must know that I have a great interest towards the modern technology and I like to work on my computer which was bought in 2010. And, I was trying to get myself skilled in the outsourcing field and at that time Ii came to know about Basis & Bitm. These two organizations are arranging training for the interested students who are interested to work in this place. And then after a long assessment process I was selected for their SEO program. I was enrolled in the 19th batch and at this moment our class is going on.
Besides, I am learning Web Page Design from.the YouTube tutorial and I must add that I have added myself in many volunteer organizations who are trying to make a change in this third world country.
At present I am registered volunteer of VBD (Volunteer for Bangladesh) and volunteer coordination intern at Blissful Spirits. The first organization works for the underprivileged children and try to held many programs on different special day like World Environment Day or Water Day etc. And the second one works for the special child of our society who are neglected by all. You can easily ask that why I am participating in these organizations which will not pay for us or something else. I am doing this because I want to be a change maker. Everybody thinks that it is government will only be the person to make the changes which is absolutely not. At first you have to change yourself and that can only be done by you. Government can not do that. You have to put aside all the critics and come forward to work for your society. Government will make a place for you and it is you who will have to take that place.
Well, you know what; I like to taste new foods and pass time with my friends. I along with my friends have done BBQ in my rooftop so many times..
md aminul islam
BBQ 2013
And also I want to see the world in  my own eyes. You know what, I have visited almost 80% places of my beautiful country Bangladesh. But I haven’t gone to Sundarban yet.
Besides, I read a lot of books. Every year I along with my friends or family go to the “Ekushe Book Fair” and buy a lot of books. My favorite writer is Iqbal sir and I like the series of “kakababu somogro” a lot. And you know what, this is 22nd February and I am going to the Ekushe Book Fair of 2016 in the next day.
That’s all from me now. I have plans about my future and I am going to post it within some times. I hope you will read that. Till then, keep me in your prayers.


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